Gift to the Falklands

In October 2020 Links took the opportunity to send a gift 8000 miles away to the Falklands community. Simon, the husband to one of Links staff members Kimberly, was travelling to the Falklands to install a GE healthcare mammogram machine into the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Stanley.

Links put together a frame with a miniature figure model of a Spitfire that members of Links veterans had made. Links provides weekly miniature figure modelling/painting sessions in which members can build and paint models that are then displayed/gifted or sold, profits go back into the project to fund equipment for the sessions. The sessions provide a place to meet new friends, build confidence and skills in new hobbies.

The gift from Links was presented to the Community Psychiatric Nurse who was planning to take the gift on a tour of all the civilian and military departments that he regularly visits. It is then going to be taken to the Senior Medical Officer at the Mount Pleasant Complex (Military Base) where it will be displayed along with Links leaflets.

Links is proud to have gifted this piece of art to the Falklands, especially as some of our veterans have toured there during their military service and have memories of the Island.

Many thanks to Simon for delivering our gift to the Falklands community.