Hidden Llanelli Exhibition @ The Senedd

With our ever expanding, materialistic and disposable society, we decided our project ‘Hidden Llanelli Cudd’ should perhaps take a closer look at ‘Home’, our immediate surroundings and identity.

Delving into drawers and cupboards, we stumbled across old forgotten photographs, provoking discussion and memories of our town. We began by experimenting with domestic materials from around the house. For example, cleaning and bonding agents, coffee and tea, which smelt comforting.

Recycling with these items and by a happy mistake, it became apparent we were depicting a raw, industrial visual essence of nostalgic identities and landmarks in our sepia like paintings.

The ‘Hidden Llanelli Cudd’ exhibition was a huge success and a vast array of different art, photography and bespoke items were celebrated, appreciated by those that visited as well as provided a wisdom of insight into the town and residents of Llanelli.